Dawson Hodgson Stands Up for Rhode Island. 

     The Attorney General is the people’s lawyer, chief prosecutor, and top law enforcement official, tasked with using good public policy and the rule of law to stand up for the public interest on issues effecting quality of life in Rhode Island. 


     I am no stranger to these issues or to standing up for the people of Rhode Island. As a prosecutor, I fought for justice in courtrooms across the state, and as a legislator and ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee I have advocated for equality and accountability in all spheres of public policy.

     I am running for Attorney General on a platform that focuses on three areas where conventional leadership has failed the state and its citizens:

Safe Streets, Strong Economy, & Public Trust

     As the state’s next Attorney General, I have a plan to achieve these needs, and get Rhode Island back on track. With some thoughtful policy and more effective administration of justice, our home state can be a safe one.

     We can fix our economy if we fix our reputation: taxes, regulations and corruption are the legacy that scare away outside investment and depress local enterprise. State level leadership on public trust issues is critical to restoring our reputation and serving our citizens.

     This is what I stand for.   



 Join us: Stand Up for Rhode Island, and lets get this state back on track!

People Standing Up for Rhode Island. Will you join them?